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Bicycles have gradually become a way for people to travel and travel in eco-friendly ways. If your family owns their bikes, have you ever been bothered by the lack of extra space to park them?

Or have you ever complained that your bike is always on the move as you pass the garage? If so, this bike rack can help you resolve those concerns. Placing the
bike is very convenient and does not require any further complicated steps. This saves time


The sturdy and durable construction of the bike trailer, made of high quality stainless steel and a scratch-resistant surface coating, hangs the bike firmly on the wall and looks like a work of art indoors and in the garage.

Space Saving-Bicycle Rack Bicycle Pedal Storage is designed as a horizontal wall hanger for your bicycle to save space. Fashion Design Heavy Duty Bicycle Hold Hooks allow you to display your bicycle like a work of art in a room.

Easy installation: All screw0s and wall plugs are included. This hanger can be attached to a brick or wooden stand. It cannot be used on "self-supporting" walls such as plasterboard walls and drywall unless there is a sturdy wooden stand behind it.

Suitable for multiple occasions Our horizontal bike hangers fit most bikes and are elegantly designed to look great in homes, apartments, apartments, offices and garages.

The Bike Rack Wall allows you to mount your bike at a 25 degree angle and stack your bikes. This allows you to mount up to three bikes on a standard 2.5-meter high wall. Its seamless, sophisticated and simple design is perfect for homes and garages. Its smart design does not require contact with the frame, reducing the risk of scratches


Package dimensions:170*90*75MM
Accessories:1 pedal support; 2 tire supports; several expansion screws
Material: ST37 high carbon steel, bearing 25kg if the wall is strong enough(also suitable for electric bicycles)



1 X Bicycle wall mount

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