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Digital Fishing Scales has some of the best features fishers look for :

✔︎ Very durable

✔︎ Easy to use

✔︎ Clear, backlit screen

✔︎ Awesome maximum weight

✔︎ Awesome handle and premium materials throughout

✔︎ Great memory features

✔︎Battery life is good

✔︎ Gripper is fantastic

Best For Live Release

digital fish scale

   If your number one concern is getting your fish back in the water in as little time as possible, you may want to consider the Berkley Digital Fish Scale. This scale features a large clamp, which can hold your fish in a non-intrusive way for weighing. Alongside the clamp, you’ll find a 40-inch tape measure, which allows you to quickly and accurately measure the length of the fish while it’s still clamped in. Once complete, it’s seconds before your fish is back in the water and living the good life once again. Plus, this scale is capable of weighing fish up to 110 pounds and includes memory space for 9 different weights.

Water-Resistant Construction 

The waterproof fishing scale is designed to ensure accurate measurements even if it's accidentally dropped in the water, makes sure that it works well in most weather conditions, great for small-tourney anglers, and weekenders alike. 

Premium Fish-Friendly Gripper


Equipped with non-slip handles and easy-open jaws, helps firmly hold the fish with one hand, allows you to safely lift, weigh, photograph, and quickly release your catch without harming either yourself or the fish. Corrosion-resistant heavy-duty body construction extends the lifespan of the gripper in the rigors of avid angling.

Memory Storage & Summation

The fishing scale is capable of recording up to 9 of the latest weights in memory (The memory position numbers are labeled from 0-8), allows anglers to keep track of their catch, and provides total catch weight with the simple press of the memory button.

User-Friendly Designs

Data lock function holds the weight for convenient reading, auto-off saves power for maximum battery life, overload indication avoids damage, low battery indicator lets you know when to replace the two AAA batteries (included), 39.4in built-in tape offers easy measurement, 3 weight display options provide you with the ability to display weight in LB, KG, OZ.


Capacity: 100 LB/50 KG

Graduation: 1 LB/50 G

Unit: LB/KG/OZ

Liquid crystal display: with blue LED backlight function

Product size: 9.4cm(3.7in)*14.5cm(5.7in)

Tape length:39.4in/100cm

Measuring: 39.4 inch

Package Included

1x Portable Fishing scale,
1x instruction manual (without battery) 




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