Waterproof Car Seat Cover

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Attention Dog-Lovers: Tired of cleaning your car after every ride with your dog? Want to keep your fur baby safe while driving? Our NEW Waterproof Car Seat Cover saves you from cleaning & keeps your dog safe!

❌ No more pet hair in your car!
❌ No more nasty smells!
❌ No more scratches!
❌ No more distractions!
✅ Easy to install!
✅ Easy to clean!
✅ Fits all cars & trucks!

Made from durable waterproof fabric, our car-seat cover will protect your seats from scratches, nasty odors, and dog hair (not to mention muddy paws!). 

Car Rides With Your Dog Just Got Better!

Durable & Waterproof
Safe & Secure For Your Pet
Convenient & Practical
Eliminates Driving Distractions
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Our design fits all car and truck interiors! The standard cover is 60x56 and the XL cover is 64x60″, so your dog will be secure with plenty of space. You won't have to worry about your dog distracting you!
The reviews are in: Customers love it!
"If you have a dog then you need this, I strongly recommend it!" - Susan from Delaware 🐾
Simply wrap the straps around the headrests in your back-seat. Done! Installation is easy.
Perfect For All Breeds!
After your journey, you can take the cover off in seconds. Give it a quick shake to remove any pet hair or dirt, and wash it easily with a damp cloth.
The mesh-opening circulates air to your back seat and allows your dog to see you so they're comfortable!
 When you're not using it, it can be folded up and packaged or used as a cover for cages, sofas, or floors.
SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time, all orders come with a FREE safety belt!
We made too many covers and our warehouse space is low, so we're running an exclusive sale. We're even offering a FREE Car Safety Belt with each purchase while supplies last!
Order NOW!

We donate a portion of ALL sales to Dog Rescue Organizations to help dogs in need! Thank you for your support!


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